Amplify your talent capital without adding cubicles. We can provide your team with ongoing design and marketing support on a retainer basis. To meet ever changing needs and projects, sometimes a consistent budget is key. We offer flexible packages and services to meet your needs.

Retainer Services

As with any project, we begin by talking with you, learning about your company’s needs, and putting together a proposal tailored for you. This would include the number of hours per month, along with an outline or any specific projects known to create a custom plan. Our retainer services begin at $2,000 a month and require a 6-month commitment. What could be better than having access to an experienced team for less than the cost of hiring one employee?

Commitment to Service

Our goal is to not lock you into something that isn’t effective or beneficial for your company. Contrary to a gym membership with no accountability, our retainer services don’t exist to rack up hours and time that is never used, but rather as a way to budget and manage projects on a monthly basis at discounted rate. With every project, large or small, our goal is to create thriving brands and partner in your mission, while providing excellent communication and customer service.

We know that we aren’t the right fit for everyone, but if you’re ready to work with a team that prides itself in communication, creating brand awareness and helping your business thrive like never before, you’re in the right place.

Are you ready to get started?