Gain Executive Buy-In to Your Marketing Plan with These Design Secrets

The launch of a new product or professional service can bring fresh beginnings for many job roles, but the majority of workers don’t plan, measure, and set goals quite like marketers.

At Revealed Creative, we’ve learned the greatest kept secret of successful marketing professionals with a plan. While the content of a marketing plan is incredibly important, the delivery of that marketing plan that can win over corporate leaders and gain executive buy-in.

We take a marketing director’s plan and put it in a sleek presentation to help communicate the strategy and ideas. Creative design helps effectively convey the marketing plan and ideas behind it better than a dreaded Word document or a poorly designed PowerPoint that can put anyone to sleep.

Key Elements of a Marketing Plan
(you most likely know these in one form or another):

  1. Identify goals and set marketing quarterly plans
  2. Define and segment audiences
  3. Take inventory and assess past content and design assets
  4. Align marketing with the sales strategy
  5. Identify proper channels
  6. Measure, refine, and push the needle

But once you’ve got your marketing genius on paper, now what?

We would argue there is a crucial component to all successful marketing plans – better design. To help gain executive buy-in to your marketing plan, here are a few creative design secrets to keep in mind:

3 Design Secrets to Gain Executive Buy-In

1. Use interesting, but not distracting, images and graphics

  • Bold, realistic images provide great impact.
  • Choose an industry-relevant photo, and always be sure to stay on brand.
  • Be sure to use high-resolution, licensed images only. An image returned from a Google search does not indicate it’s available for your use.

2. Use colors they won’t miss

When choosing colors, contrast is key in the design. While some may think adding more colors will help engage, too much of a variety makes it harder to look at when not used well. We recommended using 1-2 colors if you don’t already have a corporate color palette.

3. Make it easy to read

Using short blocks of content, clear headlines, and ample white space greatly improves the readability of your plan and presentation. Another trick is to increase your margins and line spacing, which allows the words of your marketing plan to flow better.

These design tips can help bring your marketing plan from good to great. Gain executive buy-in and bring your team’s marketing success to new heights with design secrets of the modern marketing plan.

Need more design ideas for your PowerPoint presentation, Word document, or visual reports? Contact the Revealed Team for a complimentary design assessment to learn how a few easy creative design updates can greatly improve in the impact of your work.

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