The Modern Whitepaper: 3 Ways eBooks Increase Digital Lead Conversions

Digital content marketing continues to soar in providing new sales leads in the form of marketing conversions.

However, while we are all online non-stop, it’s said 55% of online readers only read articles for 15 seconds or less. Savvy marketers already know their audience’s attention spans are shorter than ever before, which means content must be more concise and strategic.

When we talk about traditional content marketing, white papers are one of the classic examples of educational “bait” to attract new clients.

White Papers are so ‘Yesterday’

The difficult part of creating a white paper is they are intensive, which can drive up costs of creating the content. This also means white papers require significant time from team members. White papers are more in-depth, take longer to write, need to include several research sources, and average about 10 or more pages in length.

As companies turn to outsource more marketing efforts, another hurdle that makes creating white papers cost-effective is the amount of expert input needed from internal employees.

What is an eBook?

Here at Revealed Creative, we’ve been able to help our clients with an alternative solution – eBooks. An eBook is educational content, yet provides information in shorter, more concise and easily consumed pieces.

One global technology client of ours has an office in Orange County. We recently met with the team and helped to create an eBook to create interest and drive website traffic prior to a conference they were sponsoring.

Throughout the project, we identified 3 ways eBooks increase digital lead conversions. Read below for the tricks of the trade! Even better, leave us a comment with how your company has used eBooks to drive engagement.

3 Ways eBooks Increase Digital Lead Conversions:

1. eBooks are More Engaging

While a 15-page white paper provides information in a one-way manner, eBooks can create two-way engagement between readers and the business.

Once an eBook establishes credibility and pique’s the reader’s interest, an eBook can include invitations to join an email list for more great information. Or, the eBook can guide readers to a video or a landing page to complete a purchase online. Digital content that can enhance the customer-to-business relationship is key.

2. eBooks have Design Elements that Retain Attention Longer

We love eBooks because, well, creative design is our forte! The opportunities to include good design in an eBook are endless, and can definitely be the differentiator between an eBook people scroll through quickly, or stop and read.

We work with Orange County marketing agencies and directly with technology, insurance, and professional services firms to incorporate engaging design in every eBook we produce.

3. eBooks are social

Finally, in a world driven by social media, our clients have seen significant increases on social media marketing engagement with eBooks. An eBook is an amazing opportunity to reach new audiences through social media networks. People are much more likely to share an eBook than a white paper.

Ready to see how an eBook could help improve your digital marketing campaign?

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