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Increase Customer Loyalty with a Better Mission Statement

While writing our recent blog article titled “How to Write a Better Tagline,” We realized another component of a company’s market positioning that can cause confusion – the mission statement. A mission statement accompanies the tagline and the vision statement, yet it serves a different purpose entirely. So, what is the difference between a tagline, […]


How to Write a Better Tagline

Taglines, slogans, mission statements, oh my. These statements can have powerful impacts on customers, or they can cause serious confusion. How does a company write a better tagline? And what’s the difference between a tagline and a slogan, anyway? If you or your team have asked these questions, this article will help. The Foundation of […]


Gain Executive Buy-In to Your Marketing Plan with These Design Secrets

The launch of a new product or professional service can bring fresh beginnings for many job roles, but the majority of workers don’t plan, measure, and set goals quite like marketers. At Revealed Creative, we’ve learned the greatest kept secret of successful marketing professionals with a plan. While the content of a marketing plan is […]


How to Write a Better Marketing Job Description

Here in Orange County, marketing jobs are constantly in demand. Between our growing corporate technology hub and the increase in start-up’s, businesses are hustling like never before and seeking marketers to support increased sales and exposure. To help companies grow, marketing professionals are needed to identify market trends, analyze market research data, and guide the […]


The Modern Whitepaper: 3 Ways eBooks Increase Digital Lead Conversions

Digital content marketing continues to soar in providing new sales leads in the form of marketing conversions. However, while we are all online non-stop, it’s said 55% of online readers only read articles for 15 seconds or less. Savvy marketers already know their audience’s attention spans are shorter than ever before, which means content must […]


Back to Basics: Design Elements Proven to Reach New Customers

In today’s visual world, design can make or break a company’s brand. Every website, PowerPoint presentation, marketing email, eBook, and advertisement is an opportunity to win over new prospective customers. With the average person’s attention span shorter than the attention span of a goldfish, design in marketing assets becomes more important than ever before. However, […]


UX vs. UI? Where to Start When Company Sales Drop

A client of our Orange County creative design agency reached out to us for help improving customer acquisition through a more user-friendly website. Repeat customer sales were up, but the executive team noticed a decrease in new business and online sales conversions. As we worked with the marketing manager to identify possible causes during a […]


Why Potential Customers Are Not Staying On Your Site: Part 2

Roughly 46% of internet users say that the number one criterion for determining a company’s credibility is the website’s design. For this reason, as a business owner, you want to make sure that your web design is giving off a professional, credible vibe. Here are a few aspects of your website’s digital design that may […]


The power of color

We’ve heard it many times, “I’m not a fan of yellow” or “it has to have blue, it’s my favorite color,” but did you know that the colors chosen for your brand shouldn’t be chosen by personal preference? Colors have this amazing way of influencing people. They have a powerful way of evoking emotion even […]


Why Potential Customers Are Not Staying On Your Site: Part 1

In today’s digital world, nearly everyone is on the internet. So many people have mobile devices, and access to the world wide web is at their fingertips at all times. Shopping and social media are just some examples of resources available to anyone who has access to the internet. As a business owner, you absolutely […]